Salandaterra My Cooper
We imported Cooper from the Salandaterra kennel in Europe as a puppy.
Cooper is a large boy, heavy boned, very wide head, straight front legs
not a hint of "eastie westie" that can be seen often in the english lines, he
plants strong. Level topline, great coat and incredible pigment (black nose
and nails.) Cooper is a very nice boy, he has the typical soft temperament
thats common in the Euro lines. Sweet boy, kind, gentle, loves to fetch,
swim and play outside but is well mannered in the house.

Coopers health testing
Hips: OFA Good & Pennhip > 95th percentile for the breed (.31 & .33)
This means, Cooper's hips are the top 5% of tightest hips in the breed. It doesn't get
better than that.
Elbows: OFA normal
Heart: Normal, advanced cardiac
Eyes: Normal 2017

Genetic DNA testing
ICT: Clear
PRA1: Clear
PRA2: Carrier
DM: Clear
SAN: Clear
Prcd: Clear
Pictured below are Coopers Parents
Cooper's OFA clearances