About Heatherwood English Golden Retrievers
Our Breeding Program
My name is Megan, and our family is located in Olympia, WA. I have been breeding for about
12 years now. I believe in breeding to better the breed.
English Goldens are the ultimate
family dog.
Temperament, health and the stunning English look of heavy coats, strong builds
and blocky heads
are the traits my Golden's are known for, and we receive many referrals
from people stumbling upon one of our puppies out in public or in a training class.
About 60
to 70 percent of my puppies are sold by referrals and word of mouth.
My English Goldens
have a
gentle, mellow, friendly, sweet, and loyal temperament. Several of our puppies have
gone on to become registered therapy dogs. I wont breed a hyper, or aggressive dog, no
exceptions. Health of our Golden's is very important to me, I have all of our breeding dog's
tested for Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye defects and heart defects, as well as a DNA
genetic panel. I also really try to create puppies with a diverse pedigree. My belief is that the
bigger the gene pool is the better the chance you have for making healthier puppies.
Thankfully, with the European Golden's the breeders overseas have a similar mindset. We
have Goldens from all over the world in our breeding program.

Raising our puppies:
My puppies are born and raised in my home until they are about 6 weeks old and need much
more room to play, run and use their puppy curiosity! We then move them to a small building
that is similar to the "puppy room" in my house.
The puppies have access by dog door to
their own yard outside for them to romp and play. My kids love to play with the puppies, they
are all played with daily and given attention and love. We really LOVE our puppies. At 3.5
weeks old we start introducing them to dry puppy kibble and they are fully weaned from their
mother at 6 weeks. We deworm the puppies every 2 weeks, and at 7 weeks they are
examined by my veterinarian at South Bay Vet Hospital just down the road. She does a full
exam on each puppy and writes a letter explaining her findings for every pup. They are then
vaccinated and microchipped. We also bring in a stool sample to ensure your puppy is free
of parasites.